Financial literacy 101

Helping you understand the world of numbers | taught by Mike Fletcher
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Mike Fletcher
Mike Fletcher
CEO - Chief Education Officer

About the Instructor

My name is Mike Fletcher. I’m a trainer, author, entrepreneur, accountant, consultant and a proponent of the Triple Bottom Line. I’m also the CEO of HighSpin Consulting Inc. A bit of a maverick, I’m a CPA/CGA with 35 years of consulting experience in all sorts of organizations, profit/non-profit and both private/public sectors, nationally and internationally.

My passion is financial literacy. I support owners and managers of SMEs to maximize the value of their business by familiarizing them with the world of numbers. I focus on business financial literacy but that naturally overflows into the area of personal financial literacy too.

I speak at live events and seminars and provide one-on-one executive coaching as well. I also produce information products delivered over the Internet.

Course Contents

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